as predicted, "bowling for columbine"'s michael moore tried to raise a ruckus at the academy awards. like tom, i appreciate what he does - but he could have been loud and compelling. given that his fellow documentarians joined him on the stage for his acceptance, i'm thinking they had time to put their heads together on a hearty sound bite for the winning artist. adrien brody, by contrast, had his shit together. as for nicole kidman - i hope for her sake that she was profoundly drunk.

i can't really empathize with friends who fear for their personal safety as the war wears on. they have every right to be concerned, of course, and it's possible that i'm being naive in assuming that violence on the domestic front is unlikely. and no, i'm not in new york or washington; no one's suggested that i collect dry goods. that said, i doubt that my feelings will change when i move to manhattan in a month. here's the thing: i refuse to allow fear to compromise my judgment. i don't mean to go all conspiracy-wacky, but i think a lot of americans would be more likely to attend to the particulars of this campaign if the administration cut back on saturating its press releases with "links" between iraqi freedom and the war on terror. if our safety is relevant, it's relevant in the sense that we have a history of making spectacular messes in the middle east and coming home without tidying up. folks on the street in iraq don't seem too pleased to see us, president bush. focus on that, eh? i'll take care of myself.

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