internet cafes don't lend themselves to long posts about wedding vacations, so haiku will have to suffice for now. there will be much to say when we get back to the states on saturday - what an odd, wonderful trip.


the first wormhole i
build will take me from new york
to the chequers inn.


a merchant marine
bought us shots of aftershock,
shouting HONEYMOON!


xanax for belfast?
please? beautiful place, nowhere
close to normalcy.


a well-loved old shoe:
a bit scuffed, a bit stinky,
but a perfect fit.


101 in 1001: 015 drink a pint of ale in oxford for my grandfather [completed 08.20.06]
matrimony accomplished! i think it will be some time before i'm able to recall sunday properly - it's true that a bride remembers her wedding day in weird flashes at first, if at all, though i do have a memory of saying something about luggage in my speech - but i can say that we can't be happier with how things turned out, and we're shocked and thrilled that we pulled it off. that's thanks in no small part to jen, who nominated herself as our wedding stage manager and could have a long and illustrious career producing badass nuptials if she so chose, to magnificent stephanie of the stanford house, and to friends and fam who stepped up fantastically to be part of our plans. i'm loath to blog an academy awards speech, so i'll leave it at that for now, but our readings are up at ye olde lauren and joe wedding site if you choose to peruse.

we walked from the turf tavern (mid-celebration drinks in honor of my grandfather) to freud (the reception site) instead of taking cabs with our guests, and it was the nicest stroll i've ever taken. i'd thrown my denim motorcycle jacket over my wedding dress and had a book bag and a cigarette along with my bouquet, but i looked bridely enough (what with the dapper joe in his suit and matching buttonhole) that we were recognized and applauded (loudly, with english brio) all through oxford; a couple even asked if they could take a picture with us (hell yeah they could). i might throw my dress on once a week or so for the rest of my life; being congratulated by kebab vans was a singular joy.

i'm joe's wife! holy shit!


we have chairs for the wedding!

but joe has no suit.

also, meat cake.