birthdaycakesforanimals.tumblr.com, 2013-2014

how doth the little [sic] crocodile improve his shining tail?

the owner of one of the photos i'd posted on my tumblr contacted me today and asked me to remove her content from my site. i apologized and did, and then i fell down a copyright-law-commentary-lined hole in the internet; at the bottom of it i concluded that though i'd thought i was doing right by photographers and writers by citing and linking to my sources—i'd thought i was doing some good, even, by highlighting conservation efforts—that might not have been so. i just wanted to fĂȘte old crocodiles. so long, hairy, feathered, pungent, dead-rat-covered site; i was fond of you.

administrative update: when i deleted my tumblr account, the URL was released back into the wild. while it probably goes without saying that i'm not its new caretaker (edris muff the entertainer), let me be clear: i'm not edris muff the entertainer.


Anonymous said...

Noooooo it was my favorite thing on the internet, seriously!

lauren said...

me too, anon. me too.