on a lighter note, our allies at slithy tove are helping to inflict one of my poems on boise next week. it's about the prettiest girl in my victorian lit & culture class (why oh why didn't i ask her to go see velvet goldmine with me?). many thanks to jen for her matchmaking.

the television has been claiming for the last few minutes that war brings out the best in people - i don't see how that's possible. i think yesterday's cop convention bothered me because 1) i generally respect the police: it's unfortunate when they live up to their caricatures, and 2) some of the rallies certainly were in poor taste. it's more difficult to make a case for civil disobedience when Pukers For Peace are booting on the steps of city hall. tom informs me that protesters in madison planned their activities with the authorities, and their arrests were actually prearranged - while i applaud that sort of cooperation, it makes me sad.

then there's the matter of clear channel's organizing counterrallies. it's fine to tie a yellow ribbon 'round the old oak tree, but these are the same folks who suppressed war-related music after 9/11 and coordinated dixie chicks CD torchings after natalie whatshername criticized bush in london. i'm as angry about their "landslide" cover as the next person, but the corporation doth protest too much.

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