salt creek

it's been a long, strange california week. i've actually only been here since ten on wednesday morning, but i was awake for the first thirty or so hours of the trip (give or take a cat nap on the plane); new york is far away. at my grandfather's funeral in los angeles, i saw my mother's side of the family (not my mother, but that's another story) for the first time in, say, six years. i won't be seeing many of them again for a while, i think.


the bridal wave is gathering speed. invitations are mostly out, and calls are starting to come in. i flip-flop between days of steady progress - haggling with the florist, romancing the seamstress, brinksmanship with the post office - and nights of staring at the ceiling, o-god-less-than-two-months-we'll-all-surely-perish. we de-stress in odd ways: yesterday, for instance, we interviewed for who wants to be a millionaire? (they wanted us for one of their 'engaged couples' shows, but cooled off when they learned the wedding was in a month; we'll be plain old contestants now, if called). this weekend, we tired of new york and hopped a bus for atlantic city (much better timing there, as the governor has since closed down the casinos as a result of jersey's budget crisis). behold the mighty photo set!

love boat