and then there's the issue of segues. how does one complain about political climates and the pain associated with cutting nails too short and stubbing fingers on everything? perhaps i should have stuck with my internship - those folks wove disparate concepts into hulking theme issues like nobody's business. then again, they needed help with development rather than the editorial department; i'm not especially good at acquiring money. and the leaving for new york in a month, hmm.

on the advent of grad school applications:
Ques. Why will not the neophyte develop greater strength by meeting and overcoming the experiences and difficulties of the world than by a life shielded from those influences, as afforded by the Colony?

Ans. We would not under any circumstances present an argument for the purpose of convincing one of the necessity of an associate effort, in order to reach the highest goal of human attainment; for by doing so, persons who have not reached a point of preparation for such a movement might be led to seek admission. It has been known in all history of the world's mystics that it is not for the neophyte to be taken out of, and shielded from the world's influences until he has succeeded in overcoming them in all essential points; but the fact that all mystics have had such places and conditions for the neophyte argues that there is a necessity for them, for a time, at least.

(the esoteric, vol. ix no. 6, dec. 1895)

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