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i'm lauren, a writer living in manhattan with a husband (joe), two cats (matty and maya), and the occasional centipede. i have also been a PR coordinator, a veterinary pharmacist, an english major, and runner-up for both Best Dressed and Worst Driver.

i've tried to design the site without bells and whistles; current posts appear at left until they're sucked into monthly archives (bottom right).

Q. why 'kidchamp'?

that was a short-lived variation of champ, which is how joe usually addresses me. i was hoping for a dainty couple name like honey or princess flamethrower, but i'm glad to have dodged lover and babe. those give me the creeps.


THUNDERTOME posts are highly biased book reviews and questions for readers on contemporary issues and/or demonic pants.

Q. if you're going to be a great poet, which 5-7 existing poems are the ones to beat?

i'm not of the sylvia plath, "out-roethke roethke" school; that said, i would consider myself a fine young lady indeed if i topped "praying drunk" (andrew hudgins), "listen!" (vladimir mayakovsky), "the tender place" (ted hughes), or "falling" (james dickey) - those are the first that come to mind. gut-socking is too frequently trite, but it's awfully important.

Q. what is your favorite pair of pants?

the black marc by marc skinny jeans i found online for $70.

Q. beatles or stones?

stones all the way. i don't mind the beatles, but in the final analysis i find john lennon hopelessly dippy.

want more? write cuttlefish[at]gmail[dot]com.