tuesday's anthem: "icicle", muddy bug. if wilco ever covers "yellow submarine", muddy bug might be able to sue them (though wilco litigation is old hat now, innit?).

tuesday's time suck: online MASH (via 50cups).
You will live in Shack.
You will drive a yeller El Camino.
You will marry Paul and have 4 kids.
You will be a headhunter in Reykjavik.
paul and i have been playing this for years (with the key additions of "pet" and "manner of death" categories).

my poetry is making friends; sadly, they are the sort of friends who invite you to coffee and accidentally take a nap instead. note the uncertainty in the Art vs. lauren sidebar, however - please send more luck. we've a tentative "yes" -

tuesday's admonition: on my father's paper shredder, MAXIMUM ONE CREDIT CARD ONLY.

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