the slow ooze to new york is underway; if we can seal the deal on a friend-of-friend's sublet, we'll be in new york 1 may - 15 august. employment for may would be nice, if you know anyone. will consider nudity if the scene calls for it.

modern worry #275, if you're into that sort of thing: you're not so lucky to have that dry cleaner across the street, and it wasn't a good idea to purchase butter and breast milk from the market next door.

breast milk in general is political stuff. it's a logical choice for chemical body burden testing, but parenting groups hate the idea of accidentally demonizing the almighty teat. i got a sense of that at a bookstore job several summers ago when la leche (no, really) members bared themselves all over the place to test our adherence to a public suckling law. good times.

craig the baby turtle is basking like a rock star: he's abandoned the traditional terrapin-as-hood-ornament pose for a ballet stance (rear leg parallel to his shell, clawed toes pointed artfully). i recommend house-turtles, salmonella or no - they're terribly peaceful. hoping airlines will think so as well, as i'd rather not sublet him for the summer.

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