so we're watching the 1978 version of invasion of the body snatchers. we thought we had the original, but the video store still hates us (see jen's comments on coming home with corky romano instead of donnie darko). 'sokay, since i have a soft spot for san francisco disaster movies (see towering inferno, the birds, so i married an axe murderer). surprisingly, it's a winner - we couldn't get rid of the closed captioning, so the scary pod person shrieks came out as much scarier OoOoO!s, and we had the pleasure of canine-man hybrid lines written as "HARRY-DOG: Get them!". True Art hit when we'd pause the dvd and see snippets of news coverage on the critical mass rally downtown. i don't wish to compare them to aliens, but they do get a bit shaky when they conflate their right to free speech with rights to a captive audience. i'd like the mayor to quit bitching about demonstrations taxing the city and issue a few assembly permits for union square.

mmm, groupthink.

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