*01.17.02 i was special

i'd goggle at providence in the small furrow - that everyone in the oxford house read the same sci fi novels in 1986, that the name game is always successful, that everyone i know is converging in new york in february - but coincidence is sleight of hand, a show of cutting and shuffling to the point where origins seem unrecognizable. abracadabra - your card was nerd. i don't resent the system: i gnash my teeth when my posts were better said yesterday by someone else, but i rarely feel isolated.

so joe, jacob, paul and i have an east coast holiday sandwiched around the lincoln center magnetic fields shows. as you'll probably be in new york 28 feb - 5 mar, drop us a line. we'll plan something nifty.

as i have apparently started collecting videos, i shall no longer make excuses for failing to own shu shan (1983). has yojimbo the eyebrow sage-warrior or cloud fortress priestesses who attack with toilet paper? of course it doesn't. i have lacked this for far too long; i'm taking a stand, even though i owe my exposure to the evil man with 42 blue coats.

the asterisks, incidentally, confirm daily adherence to the Fear Of Death Total Health Plan. my granola-induced misanthropy peaked yesterday, i think; i'm all optimism.

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