*01.27.02 sand to silicon

the naked dancing neighbors are at it again. web search for "discourage nude frolicking" yielded more weird florida news (mayor performs municipal exorcism, ACLU lawyers get involved on satan's behalf) and rawr.net (burning man camp girl makes monsters). the dancing wound down when they saw us laughing.

joe needed an ironing board. the hippie lady has an ironing board, i saw it! but i should not buy. i've started bathing whenever i get the urge to spend money; it hasn't been especially effective, but i am exceedingly clean. tomorrow i'll attack the mold archipelago on the ceiling above the tub.

slim chance of meeting bill clinton tomorrow - i'm tagging along with the boxer office to a fund raising dinner, and he'll be hobnobbing. drop me a line if i should send your, um, love.

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