01.01.02 not of high heels and eyeshadow

OC was pleasant. home friend is well, folks and sisters are well, family dynamic is, well -

be it ever so pretentious, home is here. so cal's more of a trivial pursuit obligation pie (Ritual Chats, Home Friends, Group Dinner, Cat Time, Coffee Patrol, TV in Skivvies). the formality is a little awkward, sure, but it's far simpler to cover things when they're capitalized.

saw fellowship of the ring with em and pa: cgi or no, it's tough to ask a movie to top yer dad reading in front of the fire. the process was kind of hellish - i mean, i cry when i think about gandalf and the balrog, so waiting for him to snuff it onscreen was like watching a relative die. he's riding the peace train, emily points out, and i know what's coming - nope, doesn't matter. i'll be in therapy for years.

finally, finally saw hedwig and the angry inch - i hated tommy and ended up hating rent, but golly, rock musical, you're fabulous. the east berlin oven / "walk on the wild side" scene is better than most entire shows.

i love, love the rain, but cheap roof leaks > popcorn bowl catches water > cats drink from bowl > cats puke on my purse. screw this circle of life crap. say my diginame. say my pirate name!

cozy new year's fondue shindig chez val in san jose. i am old at last, for i 1) spent more on champagne than cigarettes, 2) didn't boot and 3) was wearing pajama pants before midnight. i feel that i might have danced to will smith without irony, however. miles to go before i sleep.

sure, i resolve to
- use my gym membership. at least once.
- donate bone marrow (really).
- have my wisdom teeth out.
- use my crock pot for food.
- sift the cat box more often.
- teach the world to sing.
finally scored the end of the philip pullman 'existentialism 4 kids' series. when my sisters spawn, i'll subvert their young with the golden compass / the subtle knife / the amber spyglass. scoff and you are deeply, deeply wrong.

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