01.07.02 sometimes if the money's right

no more paul; i gave him back to the fisherman's wharf bus station on the way to work this morning. it's quite dramatic down there when the fog is as thick as it was - i might have been sending him to korea.

we finally did see the royal tenenbaums. hard to divorce the show from its hassles - it was sold out again, we got stuck in the second row, parking-unparking took two hours and cost $16 - but i tittered. paul thinks that films will need to be stylized, that the medium's tricks will be what make it useful in the future - i'm paraphrasing badly - and i should be convinced. anyway, everyone did what they were supposed to do.

is seinfeld the be-all of recent no most television? i'm behind buffy in the same field, but "masterpiece" is kind of a dirty word. don't let's argue.

Aliens are looking for a good time in the USA. Where do you send them?
D.C. death disco
buckets of fake blood
plants + birds + rocks + things
for coroners
get baptized in a bucket of ribs
4 corn, nerds
anne rice is always ready to party.
the bible belted out show tunes until the bartender slapped it
pit stop
World's Largest Chicken-Fried Steak (pop. 461)
my pants are and always will be more hip than yours
we're going to coffee to see if we can be a band
tit mug

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