01.08.02 o sleepy girl, i want you to pass

i have a denis johnson novel. it is time for me to read things i don't want to read. i'm sure he's lovely - i enjoyed jesus' son, and his cameo with a knife in his eye was very affecting - but he makes me feel the way paul looked when i tried to make him eat the tapioca in my pearl tea. i also have a gorki novel, and it is old and fine-smelling. i may toss them both into the air to see which lands in a more inviting position. i may also go back to safeway and buy the tabloid with the BIN LADEN'S VEGAS VIDEO(high stakes, hookers and hummus) cover. mmm, safeway.

from the greatest rock band ever, through ritik's eyes. i sure did hate them when they jammed at four in the morning above joe's suite, but they 1) encapsulate stanford fairly well and 2) end rhyme richard rorty. also peterson is a hero of mine. he gives me faith in improv and the black mountain poets.

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