*01.21.02 topless dancers of corfu

was planning on transvestite wrestling at 26 mix last night - the guy who cuts joe's hair is quite the champ, apparently - but the evening became drinks with school chums in the richmond instead, so i stayed home. not ready to champion the Health Plan by refusing gin and tonics, yet.

hip kids make cleavage unfun, part two: february's spin cover reads "ROCKBOOBS.COM: CONCERT FLASHING HITS THE WEB". the article (p.30) touts concertflashers.com, while the cover URL is the 'new image' of cheekybastid.com, a spin staffer's band site. combatants seem equally sad here: if pressed, i'd support the flesh peddlers. i appreciate the fact that their images are grouped by show (women of ozzfest, i salute you).

at press time, the devil-ettes remain the sole tenders of the vaguely satanic synchronized dancing flame. their magic is difficult to challenge, and for that my heart is glad.

rosemary's baby (1968) ###
+ suspense, ruth gordon as maude the dark servant.
- no baby satan payoff.

grosse pointe blank (1997) #
+ the pixies' "monkey gone to heaven".
- john cusack: dough boy.

moulin rouge! (2001)
+ free rental = no obligation to watch entire movie.
- baz luhrmann is still out there.

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