*01.18.02 play your ouijas

a pleasant habit has stepped up and claimed my thursday/friday Lump Time (i work eleven hour days, so i'm at the hospital mon-tues-wed-sat): smart movie / slack movie. smartie today - le charme discret de la bourgeoisie (1972). i'm surprised my evil film professor didn't screen it for us, as it's a friendlier introduction to surrealism than un chien andalou (1929); as a manners piece, it kills la regle du jeu (1939). see it, it's fun.

slacker - the anniversary party, rented because i get sucked into 'pet project' movies and, um, los angeles stuff. it's a bit maudlin, but i'm always pleased to see parker posey play someone other than The Parker Posey Character. also worth seeing.

slicing up eyeballs / i want you to know -

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