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hiding from a marianne faithfull album bought circa pup tent. her voice is gorgeously wrinkled, as rumor suggested, and her lyrics why certainly, but i was wholly unprepared for her new wave backup thing. the combination's effect is more than jarring: think taking the sketched fellow's hand in a-ha's "take on me" video and stepping into the shining's bathtub scene. it's not as disturbing as nico's solo stuff, but - i'm nervous enough on my own, is what i'm saying.

i tried to be a good citizen and hop around through blogsnob, but everyone wants money. what would they do with it? if kidchamp took donations, i mean, it would spend them on women and fast cars. these personal sites, i just don't trust them.

Since its inception in 1958 the Psywar Society has published a quarterly magazine, The Falling Leaf. It is an invaluable source of news, articles, and information about aerial leaflet propaganda.

Land of Origin: Germany.

Other Origins: None known.

Other Names: Poltersprites. Sometimes spelled Kobauld, Cobald, or Kobolde. In Scandinavia they are called Hutchens or Heinzelmannchens and are distinguished by their red felt hats.

Element: Earth.

Appearance and Temperament: Kolbalds (Coe-bolds) are dwarf faeries usually seen wearing little brown knee pants and caps. They can be helpful but will turn abusive if ignored or belittled.

Time Most Active: At night.

Lore: Kolbalds are a German version of the Scottish Brownie, though they have a less helpful nature. Alone or in small groups they adopt homes where they will live, expecting the full benefits of the household even if they do not choose to work for their keep. When not in human homes, Kolbalds live in hollow trees.
Kolbalds have pipes clenched in their teeth, but they do not smoke. In fact smoke seems to upset them greatly, and smoking up a room may be a good way to drive them away.
If they feel ignored or belittled they can turn abusive and will behave with poltergeist activity by making noise and throwing things about. There are very few of them left today, and they are nearly impossible to remove from your home once they decide to take up residence. In such cases a series of exorcisms is the best course of action. Burning smoky incense will also discourage them.

Where to find them: In infested homes and in hollow trees.

How to contact: If you really want a Kolbald in your house, leave out food and milk and make an evocation to them. Otherwise visit them in Faeryland, making sure they do not follow you home.

Magickal and Ritual Help: Undetermined, but may be able to help with home protection spells if they are feeling charitable. In general they are too untrustworthy to be of much use to humans.

(A Witch's Guide to Faery Folk, 1994)
from lukas,

God has fled. Avenging angels hide in the Everglades. And other tales from children in Dade's homeless shelters.

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