01.06.02 a night at the talkies

The Royal Tenenbaums was sold out and Joe didn't want to rent Leprechaun 5: In The Hood, so we ended up with:

Slumber Party Massacre 3. Five minutes in, Lauren & Joe realized they had viewed this film on a previous occasion. We watched it anyway. Not so many breasts, and the ones they did display had weird coloring. In our enlightened and empathetic liberal society, slasher movies now contain psychological backstory to explain how the slasher got that way.

Event Horizon. This was hyped to me as the Most Disturbing Movie Ever, so I went into it with the attitude of "Fuck you, movie, you will not frighten me," and as a result it didn't do as much as it probably should have. They sustained a nice creepy vibe for the first hour or so, but after that it devolved into silliness. Once they got too literal with the chaos/hell dimension and Sam Neill started running around without eyes, it just reminded me of a Henry Rollins video.

Clash of the Titans. We got the first and last five minutes of this on NBC, and used them to sandwich Event Horizon. Zeus and Hera and Bubo the mechanical owl, who I doubt is to be found in Bulfinch's mythology or Chapman's Homer, but bless him anyway. Wing your way onward, Bubo, onward to a brighter world.

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