and lo, for the earth was empty of form, and void. and darkness was all over the face of the deep. and we said: CANDLES.

01: jars

03: melting beeswax

02: jars, wax, amethyst, lincoln

04: cooling beeswax



Amanda said...

And we avoided knocking even one (1) of those jars over, I would like to mention. 
(New coupe glass not included.)

kidchamp said...

so much deftness! and minimum self-waxing! i am deeply impressed with us. 

Celia said...

are they scented? they are lovely.

kidchamp said...

the wax was a last-minute purchase (i lucked out and found it at my local art store, which has a very hit-or-miss craft section), so no scent this time around; i wouldn't mind experimenting with infusing or essential oils next time, though. 

Amid Privilege said...

Scents! Scents! Scents!

Amanda said...

I spoke too soon.

kidchamp said...

oh no! must hoard more jars, make more candles. i will increase my mustard consumption accordingly.

rachel (heart of light) said...

SO glad operation make candles was a success.

Also, why does mustard always come in the best jars? They're the most popular ones in our house.

jamie said...

dear amanda and lauren, please come make candles in california. xoxo


okay also, when me and carinna try and have a crafty girls night we end up completing like, 1/4 of the project. too much ambition? too many distractions? not a long enough evening? i am not sure. but after no less than 3 sessions our felted christmas garland remain unsewn. :/