01.21.11: the dirty dozen {twelve things i plan to do in iceland}

i started envisioning my dream trip to iceland more than eight years ago. i booked that mother eight minutes ago, and we leave for reykjavik on march 23rd.

01 acquire a vegvísir tattoo*
02 gorge on icelandic design
03 see the northern lights
04 visit eyjafjallajökull and rough it up for cara and nye
05 hoard kulur and adorable detritus from bolludagur
06 lurk like a snow monkey in the blue lagoon (pre-tattoo)
07 bathe in a large vat of mud (ditto)
08 visit the national museum of iceland
09 have a bun at bæjarins beztu
10 admire puffins
11 try brennivin
12 organize elves

ever so much more on this in future posts.

*as gracie wisely notes, the ol' viking compass says "metaphysical bookstore patron" in a way i don't appreciate nearly as much as my earlytwentysomething iceland-envisioning counterpart did. working tattoo plan as of now: a wilson bentley snowflake.


gracie said...

EEEE!!! so excited for you!!! iceland has been on my list forever. can't wait to hear/see about it! as for the tattoo....... looks a little ........."metaphysical bookstore patron" to me.

kidchamp said...

it really does, which is a problem; i decided years ago on the tattoo as well. i could be persuaded to switch to something else, though what on earth would that be? NO HAKARL TATTOOS.

gracie said...

how about a puffin?

kidchamp said...

i think that if i were to do the animal tattoo thing, i'd probably just get a cat. or a big insect. or the kraken.

note that i was thinking of locating this iceland tattoo on my back above the 4" cross which is already there. perhaps the puffin is the way to go, then.

naurniepage@gmail.com said...

amazing! you are going to have such a glorious time amongst the black rocks.

rachel (heart of light) said...


Shouldn't there be several black licorice related things on this list? I'm suddenly blanking on which camp you fall into on the black licorice issue. Please tell me you are enthusiastically pro.

kidchamp said...

of course i'm enthusiastically pro, rachel! kulur is chocolate (and sometimes chocolate and caramel) covered black licorice. will pack extra suitcases. 

on the tattoo front, i'm thinking perhaps a william bentley snowflake would fit the bill. thoughts?  

Amid Privilege said...

I think a comparative study of the role of Iceland in contemporary imagination is in order.

jamie said...


(sorry. i just like saying that. not a vote.)

lauren this is so cool. congratulations.... YAY!

jamie said...

(DAMN i wish i had some candy)

kidchamp said...

independent people: from bolluvondur to bjork by way of a bunch of black metal (and black licorice)

esb said...


holli. said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! northern lights! ink! mud! puffin! blue LAGOOOON!

so frigging exciting

Celia said...

this is the most awesome news! and here i thought our trip to hawaii next year was going to be eventful... you know, because of all of the mai tais i'll FINALLY be able to consume.

you are my favorite world traveler! 

Amanda said...

This list lacks fairies, Lauren.

kidchamp said...

i was hoping they'd come on board if i organized the elves, but you're right. this is why i need planning to be a collaboration, you see. 

uncle paul said...

Cast the runes against your own soul
Roll up for the underpants show
And be humbled in Iceland

And the spawn of the volcano
Is thick and impatient
Like the people around it
See a green goblin redhead, redhead
Make a grab for the book of prayers
Do anything for a bit of attention
Get humbled in Iceland

What the goddamn fuck is it?
That played the pipes of aluminum
A Memorex for the Krakens
That induces this rough text
And casts the runes against the self-soul
And humbles in Iceland 


kidchamp said...

god, i love 'a memorex for the krakens.'