01.27.11: the dirty dozen {revenge of coverspy; more subway riders and their books}

01 why did i ever, mary robison (F, late 30s, coppery ribbed knit cap, pale skin, long hooded black puffer coat, mint green wellies, deep purple swiss army backpack at feet, F train)
02 the best american travel writing, bill buford ed., (F, late 20s, white knit hat with pink silk flower, black coat belted over black/white/yellow printed dress, black riding boots, black/blue batik print backpack, F train)
03 china: fragile superpower, susan l. shirk (M, late 30s, red eyebrows, tight grey cap, grey columbia face warmer pulled over nose, grey nylon messenger bag, narrow brown shoes, E train)
04 wuthering heights (twilight-branded cover), emily brontë (F, early 40s, black coat with high, gathered collar, long tan scarf with fur trim, bird shopping bag, black suede louis vuitton bag, F train)
05 richard yates, tao lin (F, late 20s, slightly cleft chin, gold-rimmed aviators, one padded black north face mitten, black patent shoulder bag in lap, floor-length black puffer coat, F train)
06 south side dreams, b.k. ray (M, 40s, black NY knit cap, black and white keffiyeh, bulky black puffer, cuffed jeans, tan work boots, 1 train)
07 franny and zooey, j.d. salinger (M, 20s, curly quiff, grey scarf, open black greatcoat, black leather turf shoes, giant green frame backback, E train)
08 hell's angels, hunter s. thompson (M, early 30s, carefully parted hair, bright red scarf, dangling ear buds, glasses with thick, two-tone rims, black lug sole shoes, leaning forward between knees, F train)
09 three cups of tea, greg mortenson and david oliver relin (M, 20s, beard, navy jacket with epaulets over grey hoodie, messenger bag with knitted grey hat in pocket, red crocheted scarf, wire-rimmed glasses, bose headphones, F train)
10 let the great world spin, colum mccann (F, early 20s, chunky oatmeal-colored chullo hat with matching scarf, straight dark hair, green puffer, tan uggs, chambray dress, black leggings, A train)
11 in a sunburned country, bill bryson (F, early 20s, thin brown headband, long black braid, hooded black coat with black faux fur trim, red pashmina, periwinkle laptop bag, black hobo, F train)
12 the fall of the house of zeus, curtis wilkie (M, early 40s, brush cut, tan, hooded black down jacket, slush-marked brown lace-up boots, jeans, black messenger bag between feet, F train)

absorb what you can of these demographics; the next round's a guessing game.


Amid Privilege said...

Didn't you want to march up to the girl reading Let The Great World Spin and tell her those Uggs dishonored Mr. McCann?

kidchamp said...

i think my strongest reaction with this group was wanting to clear my throat at the reader who was picking his nose with gusto (i shall not out him here, for a lady never tells). close second: wanting to tell the (italian?) franny and zooey backpacker to call amanda. 

jamie said...

i thought the same thing, LPC.

i often wish to know your judgements during these lists.