01.20.11: the dirty dozen {twelve ladies who didn't keep them legs close}

tweet of the week: "Ladies keep them legs close, an them books open. I'm telling yall this because I care. We have to become a smarter generation." (amar'e stoudemire)

01 anaïs nin
02 anne sexton
03 edna st. vincent millay
04 simone de beauvoir
05 george eliot
06 anna akhmatova
07 h.d.
08 françoise sagan
09 mary wollstonecraft
10 djuna barnes
11 marina tsvetaeva
12 anne bradstreet


anonymous said...

Right, then having made my way through the technical jungle that is your comment function, I would like to ask, how does one qualify for inclusion on this list? I would like to apply.

kidchamp said...

one must simply be a lady and open one's legs at some point, i suppose, but TCB helps. (i tried to fix the suddenly-ascending comments this morning and managed to cock up the whole site; i usually love the fact that it's nine years old and held together with tape, but today it's graying my hair and others'. sorry about that.)

kidchamp said...

i made something of a peripheral point here - that is, that one can open any number of things simultaneously, thanks - but i should probably make at least an arm-wave at my strongest reaction to amar'e's lame-ass tweet, which is: really? we couldn't slut-shame both genders at once? is it even possible to make a comment like his to young men with a straight face? 

Amid Privilege said...

That was me. And now it works:).

rachel (heart of light) said...

Why did no one tell me that sex makes you stupider/less able to read? If only I'd known.

Agreeing on the general annoyance of the tweet and the specific and recurring annoyance of women constantly being cast as gatekeepers, am I crazy or is there a bit of feminine rhyme going on there? Maybe he's working on lyrics for an emotional song aimed at teenagers.

Amanda said...

A dirty dozen indeed.