01.02.11: the dirty dozen {concocted for the holidays}

handmade fabric wreath

01 blood orange sorbet
02 candied blood orange peels
03 rosemary bread, fluffy
04 whole wheat bread, flat
05 chocolate chip / chocolate bar / pecan / almond cookies
06 vanilla ice cream
07 spiced glazed nuts and pretzel mix
08 roasted tomato salsa
09 spinach and artichoke dip
10 boxing day margaritas
11 sugar cookie dough
12 so many hobo names


Amid Privilege said...

And then there was lettuce.

kidchamp said...


ma said...

The wreath is awesome, Lauren! I want the recipe (what did you put to keep the leaves/petals from cramming together?)

Turducken on the menu for dinner tonight during the Orange Bowl.

kidchamp said...

it's fabric twist ties, actually - i found a tutorial from gifted magazine via a pinterest link (it's on page 97 if you click on the online magazine). you cut out pairs of double-ended leaf shapes, spread them with glue, sandwich a little piece of floral wire in the middle, and then put them together and let them dry; the fabric ends up stiff enough from the glue that when you wrap them around your wreath shape (mine was a big wooden embroidery hoop) they stay put and apart on their own.

the sad thing about the stuff i made, foodwise, is that it's healthy compared to joe's side of the cooking. we had a chompy holiday. 

rachel (heart of light) said...

The wreath is amazing.

I would ask for your recipe for rosemary bread, but we're on a carb fast this week, post holiday indulgence penance.

Amanda said...

Crazy nut amazingness.

My bread's still turning out flat.

Celia said...

now i want a homemade ice cream sandwich.