01.18.11: the dirty dozen {in which i make like coverspy and peep at subway riders and their books}

the girl who kicked the hornet's nest, stieg larsson* (F, 30s, black leather/suede moto jacket, fuzzy knitted headband, curly black hair, strident eyebrows, F train)
02 wolf hall, hilary mantel (M, 40s, high cheekbones, black wire-rimmed glasses, checked tweed driving cap with ear flaps, navy overcoat, extremely shiny black oxfords, F train)
03 the girl who played with fire, stieg larsson (F, 20s, belted green wool trench, crocheted orange scarf, highlighted bob, elfin nose, F train)
04 snow crash, neal stephenson (M, late 20s, royal blue anorak, dirty duck boots, short, spiky hair, five-day beard, F train)
05 freakonomics, steven d. levitt (F, 20s, straight blonde hair, black hooded puffer coat, black shoulder bag with gold hardware, dark-wash jeans, brown boots, L platform)
06 lord of the flies, william golding (F, teens, black ponytail, striped fingerless gloves, low pink all-stars, ipod, E train)
07 boy meets girl, meg cabot (F, 20s, knitted black beret, heavy bangs, puffer with black fur-lined hood, grey sweatpants, black uggs, E train)
08 american psycho, bret easton ellis (M, late 20s, patchy ginger beard, tortoiseshell glasses, blue striped oxford, grey hoodie, long grey pea coat, blue bose headphones, F train)
09 the white spider, heinrich harrer (M, late 30s, buddy holly glasses, short graying hair, black umbrella, black messenger bag, silver dive watch, F train)
10 the gate house, nelson demille (M, 60s, dozing, white hair, holding wire-rimmed glasses, burberry plaid scarf, maroon tie, black toggle coat, soft black attache case, B train)
11 girls like us, sheila weller (F, early 20s, curly pink hair, nose ring, jack skellington tote, purple tights, graffiti-covered wellies, ring with giant green stone, B train)
12 rebel without a crew, robert rodriguez (M, early 20s, red ski cap, glasses, black tee with green turntables, brooklyn sweatshirt, navy pea coat, white south american shoulder bag, F train)

*tweet of the week: "Suspicious behavior on the L train this morning. Not one chick was reading 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.'#ifyouseesomethingsaysomething"


gracie said...

like, can you even hit on a guy who's reading American Psycho?

p.s. i love this
p.p.s. i love YOU!

anonymous said...

seconded on the p.s. and the p.p.s.

tanthalas said...

That was me.  I am apparently bad at this commenting thing.

kidchamp said...

you'd have to have a couple of long conversations first, gracie. and probably a panic room. 

thanks guys! all credit to the original coverspies - it's a superfun idea. T, it's not you with the comments: some people (like poor naurnie) can't comment at all. if i could figure out how to switch to another platform without losing all of my extant comments, i'd be SO there.

tanthalas said...

I saw the coverspy link, but you do it so much better!  Your gold star makes up for the commenting system. :)

rachel (heart of light) said...

Oh my god. This confirms all my worst fears. I am always trying to tell myself it's totally narcissistic to think that people are paying attention to my terrible taste in bus literature. Must start covering my murder mysteries with paper grocery bags, to maintain the mystique.

Amid Privilege said...

I just like the combo read/wear clothes a very much lot.