12.14.10: the dirty dozen {goings on since last we spoke}

01 a double-blind hot cocoa taste test (surprise winner: nestlé)
02 i drank judge wapner root beer ("i sentence you to drink my root beer.")
03 measure for measure at judson memorial church
04 over post-measure-for-measure austrian food, i attempted to explain to amanda why i always mist up while watching damn yankees' "high enough"*
05 i found $5 on grand street
06 i gave $5 to a cellist and a violinist playing pachelbel's canon in D on the F platform
07 i panicked and drew on our building with red sharpie
08 i received my first-ever compliment from our fashion director (for green jeans)
09 we framed one of our giant wolf posters from the benevolent canadians, realized the poster was waggling beneath the mat, and framed it again, making the waggle much worse
10 a handful of poems i misplaced back in san francisco reemerged (published!)
11 i stayed at the office until midnight
12 it snowed all day

*toward the end with the getaway and the shootout and the ted nugent solo and the...i'll just go.


anonymous said...

So, um, can I read the poems?

anonymous said...

("I" was "Amanda," btw)

kidchamp said...

yes, though they are deeply questionable - but we will all have to wait until my contributors' copies arrive, for i no longer have my drafts(!).

rachel (heart of light) said...

Almost every item on this list requires more explanation. You are a tease, as always. Luckily I still love you.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

Regarding 04, Patton Oswalt had some strong words for the High Enough video in his act, but whatev’s.  Do any of your recently unearthed poems maybe elucidate the occult influence those Damn Yankees have you under or is it utterly incommunicable and recondite?

anonymous said...

i was female-german-teenager-adjacent at impressionable ages, MDF. as for what, if anything, the poems can tell us - we will see what we will see. 

rachel, the taste test is a time-honored part of trips to an old family cabin up at big bear; my sisters and i went up there with my dad last weekend to surprise him for his 60th birthday. the judge wapner root beer was in the fridge when we arrived; i suspect my uncle/godfather left it there as a sleeper.

(this is lauren. seriously, comment platform, what gives?)

jamie said...

i like this post format. i can get behind.

babyjo said...

dude, i was at the office til almost midnight yesterday too.  wtf mate.  

Amanda said...

WHEN did it snow all day. There has not been snow in my land but for teasing flurries.

kidchamp said...

monday, amanda! this clearly means you should come to my land. i have a little double-boiler for our chandlery and everything. 

Amanda said...

So let it be written, so let it be done.