101 in 1001 {II}: 092 watch taxi driver [completed 12.15.10]

washington business demands the missus
overnight, and scorsese demands me:
"you netflixed bickle back when your kitten
was the size of my right eyebrow. that he'd
now eclipse kubrick's monolith on a
flatscreen speaks volumes." well i'm the only
one here; i'm for stygian miasmas,
for fifty-seventh in the seventies.
new york is its own choicest sustenance,
a yupster who once lived in hell's kitchen
its fables' most comfortable audience
(pornography underwent mutations).
kael called this city a 'voluptuous
enemy.' we each pray it swallows us.


Amanda said...

I'm not allowed to see taxi driver, but this business about the eyebrow makes me want to. Good work on "stygian," as well.

kidchamp said...

it's considerably less violent than pop culture's general understanding of it led me to believe it would be; for much of it i actually found de niro's character kind of charming. if you went out for pho maybe fifteen minutes before the end, you'd be in pretty good shape (and have pho!).

in vaguely related news, i spoke with a vague relation a few weeks ago about how her exotic pet was verboten where she lived. "my dad passed the law to make it illegal," she said. [beat] "of course, he made a lot of things illegal."