12.21.10: the dirty dozen {films to which i have taken myself on movie dates}

01 plunkett & macleane
02 the blair witch project
03 13 going on 30
04 the queen
05 twilight
06 julie & julia
07 the visitor
08 atonement
09 a single man
10 the last station
11 crazy heart
12 black swan

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 have you ever heard of plunkett & macleane?

02 would you like to come to my 13 going on 30 movie party? there will be pajamas. also alias.

03 do you go to the movies by yourself?

04 have you seen black swan? what did you think?


Amanda said...

01 No.
02 We are strong!, ARVIN SLOANE
03 Almost exclusively. It has been this way since Moulin Rouge.
04 I am too afraid--do tell.

prac, schmac said...

1. no
2. no
3. no
4. no

and the winner for crankiest & least helpful comment goes TOOOOOO.... DRUMROLL PLEASE.....

kidchamp said...

love is a battlefield, holli.

A, it's gory but not so scary, i don't think - aronofsky literalizes natalie portman's character's demons a bit too much for them to stay frightening for long. lots of wincy body horror, though. the rodarte costumes are good enough that i might appreciate the sisters mulleavy at long last; the regular costume design is extremely good, as well, and makes me revisit the thought of spandex in a way which really isn't safe. vincent cassel remains french and excellent. i wish thom yorke's "black swan" had popped up (overheard ipod on the subway?) at some point. worth seeing for the fripperies.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

13 Going on 30 is stellar and devastating if you stop it just before the “happy ending”.  They earned that harsh ending.  Boo.

Celia said...

01 nope
02 sure, but i'll probably nap through alias.  i'll bring cookies!
03 yes, and i love it.  weekday matinees are the best.
04. no. i find natalie portman to be overrated as an actress.  

jamie said...

01 nope
03 no. but i dont know why.
04 no. but i am considering going. i will let ben be the decider.

shoot. i just now realized that 13 going on 30 is a movie, and not a general theme (where a bunch of us women who are 30ish watch movies that are maybe also appropriate for 13 year olds.) (i would still like to come.)

jamie said...

speaking of vampires and teenagers and amanda being scared have you girls watched buffy yet? maybe i can video chat in for the affair, if not. {sometimes i think about perfect clips to send her}

kidchamp said...

we have yet to attempt the buffy immersion. i wonder if it might help to start with "once more, with feeling," but the ongoing plotlines would be a bit difficult to explain. 

esb said...

13 going on 30 just arrived from Netflix! WOOHOO!!

Sleepover at my house tonight???