12.20.10: sparkle motion (the pinata tree post)

i was wandering around the time warner center in search of cheap mittens and came across a window full of fancy, fancy party decorations, so i texted a picture to someone special.

LMO: [img] Confetti system at jcrew, cookies.
ESB: well, they already did urban. so...
LMO: Unsame!
ESB: yeah. fuck j crew.*

there were no cheap mittens for me, but i did come home with a theme for this year's christmas tree, thanks to the texting and the coincidentally fancy princess manicure i'd acquired at the office. i decided i'd pay tribute to the deep vein of tinsel that seems to be running through this holiday season and make tiny, confetti-system-inspired tree-pinatas.

tiny pinata ornament II (xyz)

this is a square trapezohedron i made out of paper and covered with patchwork foil, beat-up-old-spaceship-like.

tiny pinata ornament I

and this, internet, is a truncated pyramid covered with hand-cut foil fringe. these photos aren't my best work, but i'm terribly proud of them anyhow; after spending an hour on each of the (three) square trapezohedrons and another two on each of the (three) truncated pyramids, i had the fine motor skills of an old eggnog addict. that they're mostly in focus is enough for me.

the pinatalings are sharing space with a handful of porcelain jonathan adler ornaments and some of last year's princemas doves; on an 8' tree with purple lights, the effect is singular if nothing else. a funky yet gentlemanly fiesta? a hopeful butch unicorn party? dandy alien window dressing? i think i'm pleased - and my fingers are nearly mobile enough to text again. a season of wonders, internet.

*i've been known to shop at both j.crew and urban outfitters, as it happens; i still think confetti system's collaboration with the former is a bit more like finding out my mum and i have the same pair of candy cane underpants. mom, tell me i'm alone.


Amanda said...

You just wanted to say trapezohedron, dirty girl.

Amid Privilege said...

I always find folding foil to be a special sort of torture. The creases are forever.

jmk said...

did you hide booty in the tiny pinatas? you could break them out with whacks from a minature stick.

ma said...

Rest easy, Lau!

(gluing the foil to paper first, even newsprint, will facilitate the folding and be kinder to your hands)

that said, your pinatinis are very cool!

kidchamp said...

it's true, amanda.

lisa, it's not the folding i mind - i love, love making foil snowflakes - it's the little screeeee as one's scissors scritch against the aluminum. and the shutting steve in the bedroom for hours on end. 

julia, they're so armored at this point that i think they'd probably just plurp on the ground. that said, i would fill them with those nasty candy buttons. 

i rest more easily knowing that, ma.