the boxing day blizzard has been called many things, most of them impolite. i call it snoomsday, as one should say snoo whenever one can, and the saying of snoo distracts one from the lack of one's sister (whose overnight flight from los angeles was chucked from the american airlines timetable like excess picnicking supplies from a sinking hot air balloon). hurry here, sister! we wait, tipple,* prepare even more food, and marvel at the hulk steve's become since we last had a snowstorm.

day 189: snowmageddon


steve, c. boxing day blizzard 2010


*boxing day margarita: begin with a handful of ice in a stemless wine glass; add about an ounce and a half of mezcal (we used sombra, which is nice and smoky) and the juice of half a ruby red grapefruit, then fill rest of glass with fresca. top with a splash of angostura bitters and a pinch of ghost pepper salt. add an extra pinch or two if you're feeling festive.


Amid Privilege said...

May your sister arrive soon, with bells on.

jamie said...

holy shit i cant wait to try a boxing day margarita. smoky tequilas are my FAVORITE. (i am vowing here and now to become a tequila connoisseur next year) and grapefruit juice? right now if you put a mix of grapefruit juice and sparkling water in front of me i will down it like my throat is on fire. like i literally can't stop drinking it until it is gone. AND stemless wineglasses are my fave. point, BDM FTW, I think. (also looking forward to an entire tequila mule, of which i sipped recently and it was mexcellent.)

good luck, sister.

steve, i want to hold you now and as a kitten.

i hope to see snow this year.

kidchamp said...

on glassware, i was going to note that the supersturdy stemless wonders joe picked up from crate and barrel have been much more useful than the stemless riedels we got and broke almost immediately, but i get all bashful when talking about products. there it is, though. 

also on glassware, we actually bought coupe glasses last night; yikes yuppie consumerism &c, but we paid $20 for 7 and they make me feel like nick carraway. ridiculous photos TK.

Amanda said...

Riedels are nasty that way, though exceptionally satisfying to polish with a coffee filter. I've been longing for coupe glasses for years--well done.

He was such a tiny guy. That photo teared me up.