12.03.10: the dirty dozen {contents of my weekender}

01 plastic polar bear
02 chanel rouge allure ("insouciante")
03 sherlock dvd
04 our tragic universe (scarlett thomas)
05 brief interviews with hideous men (david foster wallace)
06 although of course you end up becoming yourself (david lipsky)
07 black american apparel rib u-neck tank
08 black patent leather ballet flats
09 korres saffron amber agarwood cardamom eau de toilette
10 benefit cheek tint
11 filial piety
12 plastic moose


esb said...

I feel cheated that there isn't a photo to accompany this list.

kidchamp said...

there will be, but i gots to travel first.

Lisa said...

Since you're "insouciante," you can break a lot of rules here.

rachel (heart of light) said...

I'm curious about where you are procuring these plastic animals.

Also, about the weekender itself. Mine is a ratty old gym bag and I feel like I need to step it up. I purchased an oversized grey leather bag last year, hoping to make it my weekender, but it smoothly transitioned into my everyday bag. I like to carry an inordinate amount of stuff around with me at all times, despite the probable back damage.

valya said...

i just wanted to tell you that at one point this evening, my purse held both a pair of orange cashmere gloves and a tupperware of ravioli.

kidchamp said...

rachel, my local art store's children's section has a ludicrous selection of german plastic animals. i head up there (as do a handful of other magazine editors, i've noticed) when i feel that work has shriveled my brain to a tiny, discouraged raisin.

valya, it is precisely for that sort of revelation that i talk about what's in my bags. well done. (what kind of ravioli?)

on bags, mine is rough, to put it mildly. it began life as a gola reynolds duffel and has since become steve's braille message of hope (or something) to north american travelers. both cats (that's chuck in the pic, obvs) have been hard on it. i prefer to use our comme des garcons x h&m duffel, but the zipper is pulling away from the vinyl; it's benched until i can repair it. 

when i grow up, i hope to have a pendleton brodie.

rachel (heart of light) said...

Gah! That tartan bag is truly lovely. Would be a huge upgrade over my offbrand jansport impersonator.