the part of me that retains professional public relations impulses wants to jump on bacon's and work contacts to push judd. faustus i ain't; let's survey the AI message board.

Admittedly, we haven't seen most of what everyone has to offer- however, with the "majors" coming up- let me say JUDD HARRIS. Cute, talented, not over the top- but definite charisma. Anyone reading the boards for the past couple of days knows how I feel, but I don't think we've heard enough of this guy to count him out. Besides, remember the finals night- Simon said that it wasn't unanimous- who doubts that it was Simon who didn't agree?

i think simon has the love, actually. randy, on the other hand, has questioned our boy's work with african-american artists' material. to that i say fneh; his CD wall and live performances speak for themselves. you want affected, i refer you to constantine's "the letter."

I hope we won't have to say bye to him before the top 10 (for the concert). If it helps with the fan problem, Judd has pretty much the entire Hobbit Harem behind him (Jon-Peter Lewis board). Not that they're a huge a board or anything, but it's more then the 4 people on this board

hobbit harem? way out of my depth.

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