was frightened by northjersey.com
New Yorkers Judd Harris, 27, Constantine Maroulis, 29, and Mario Vazquez, 27. Harris probably won't make the final 12, but expect big things from Maroulis, a talented rocker, and Vasquez, whose looks should keep him in the game for at least a few more weeks.
right up until
The closest woman hails from North Carolina (that'd be Sarah Mather, 22), but we might move to Vegas so we can claim cute 'n' spunky 17-year-old Mikalah Gordon.
mikalah is many things - brassy, poorly dressed, possibly a man - but neither cute nor spunky comes to mind. that reviewer's off of my list. the toronto star notes that "both [Anwar] Robinson and Mikalah Gordon were good enough to perform for Bill Clinton." anwar, sure, but what was miss m performing, now?

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