finally saw the gates in central park yesterday, if 'seeing the gates' can mean 'driving by the gates on the way to an oscar party, about which i was nervous and was therefore somewhat distracted.' i read somewhere that the spectators looked rather like shambling legions of the undead as they toured the park, and lord knows my life is full enough of opportunities to look undead. as i did at the oscar party, in fact, as joe and i made halfhearted attempts to dress as billy bob thornton and angelina jolie (i.e. bottles of blood-colored nail polish around our necks). our host's sister did not win an academy award, but i got to feel terribly grown up for hanging out with people from work.

jacob, our friendly neighborhood culture vulture / educational research expert, offers an erudite post mortem on our hopes for judd and american idol. in related news, constantine was on elimiDATE a few years ago (warning: link to pseudosexual shirtlessness).

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