after last night's orgy of calls, text messaging, and nail-biting, folks in these parts are looking forward to kicking back this evening. joe and i even suffered through the local fox newscast for footage of the new york boys. judd's appearances were limited to show footage - a good thing, as it happens, for joe murena's cute vibe curdled into boy band yick in his interview (no tinted shades! no tinted shades!) and constantine looked like death on a cracker as he claimed that he didn't need much sleep. because he feeds on preteen life essences instead of singing?

estelle, the septuagenarian receptionist in joe's office, is solidly behind the judd (and anthony federov, but we'll ignore that): "i like the one who sounds like elvis."

pro-harris links to collect in the upper right corner as i grab 'em. reports to follow on how the gossip rags roll out tomorrow.

in non-idol news, i heart my new job: boss is a sweetheart, i have my own damn office, and the work itself threatens to be interesting. rawk!

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