ah, wily sarah - i'd been hoping she'd been lying to us for the last month. thus, ecstatically, begins the all-out 'judd harris is the next american idol' phase of kidchamp's development. the press hoopla, surprise surprise, is heavily underway. interviews with people, ensemble ford commercials, an amusing chat on extra (he hits on the host - looking forward to that), all out of the way already. as are phone calls from random types - at the apartment last night, we heard several dozen calls from girls who'd known judd at blue star, his college alumni association, and so on. i'm guessing they change their phone number and get their address out of the book, oh, sometime this afternoon.

to recap a rant i may or may not have posted a month ago, dear readers, embrace the judd posthaste. this is a man who fixed our toilet as a surprise christmas present, shepherded me through unemployment with song, is the most doting boyfriend i've ever seen...talent aside, not that it needs to be an aside, he's utterly deserving.

and for the portion of the post where we respond to the chat rooms,

Did you know that Judd Harris can do a mean Tina Turner impersonation? If he should make the finals, and one of the theme nights calls for a bit of drag, he should whip out his Tina wig. Of course, he should do it if he has the legs.

he has the legs. the key song is "private dancer," incidentally.

I'm fully behind Judd Harris now since he seems to actually have creativity and talent which isn't exactly a common AI contestant trait. He's the kind of guy I'd actually look forward to seeing what he does week to week. Kinda JPL with talent?

with talent, sans the mormon stink. and who isn't grateful for that?

I absolutely want to marry Judd (in Massachusetts, if nowhere else), which means he's definitely straight.

do i detect a strong gay following in the making? cheers, boys! jake has promised to rally the pennsylvania queer community: i will hold him to that pledge.

I agree that they're pimping Mario bigtime, but you've got four guys here who are not boyband types: the also heavily pimped Conman, plus Bo, Joe, and Judd. They guys seem to fall into three categories--the rockers, the pretty boy boybanders, and the r&b guys. I'm wondering if they don't, in fact, want someone they see as edgy. Although Conman has about as much edge as a frequently used disposable razor.

don't get george started on constantine: they went to high school together, back when he was still known as dean the drama guy. constantine is also buddy-buddy with my trainer (shut up); i'm hoping she reveals info we can use to destroy him.

Constantinople: Come on. This guy Can. Not. Sing. I don't get it. All he does is growl to cover up for his lack of being on key, and the judges roll over about it. I think either a) he's supernatural like that Keanu Reeves movie; b) the judges are indeed stacking the deck with losers to push their faves ahead; or c) they feel his looks will help him move along. Otherwise, I'm baffled.


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