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american idol. judd is the david lee roth of season 4; we've seen him leap out of rooms, buses, what have you at least three times. there were a few montage shots prior to yesterday, then we finally got a few consecutive seconds of him flubbing the lyrics in his group performance. oh, judd! but he is telegenic and talented and winning, and i have faith that he'll score some air time next week. plans underway to make lots of JUDD! tee shirts, and one for george that says I LOVE JUDD IN A TOTALLY PLATONIC WAY!

flu. fuck you, flu. i threw up all day sunday and cheesed out of work on monday (i'm paid by the hour, i might note), cheesed out of work again yesterday, and you still want to make me long only for death? we'll see who wears the gimp suit when i have health insurance again.

magazine job. i got it, actually. i'll be starting after the holiday, getting the biggest paychecks of my life, and appearing on the mufuckin' masthead. the position itself isn't that lofty, but it's not entry level (whee!) and i don't have to go back to the unemployment services office. that's more than enough.

oscars. 1/5 on best picture nominees to date; we saw sideways on sunday. fairly accurate take on what it's like to pull to the side of the road in central california, especially in the shot with pea soup andersen's. joe notes that listening to people talk about wine for more than five minutes makes one want to kill; he's right. that said, the naturalism was refreshing and i laughed out loud several times. that hasn't happened since harold & kumar. next on the checklist is million dollar baby, even though i've fallen victim to several articles that STUCK SPOILERS IN THEIR HEADLINES BEFORE TALKING ABOUT REVIEWS THAT SPOILED THE MOVIE.

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