no new magazine delicacies, kittens; i didn't see any big pieces in us, in touch, in style, or star, was too cheap to buy them all and scour them at the office, and love my local newsstand guy too much to stand there thumbing through his merchandise for an hour. joe, however, found this curious snippet from the entertainment weekly site:
Do make like Beyonce and shake your bootylicious backside! I'm still not sure how I feel about Judd Harris' cover of "Travelin' Band," but I'd rather watch him working the stage than see his competitors standing frozen in front of the mike making runs through some saccharine ballad. (Bonus points to Judd for confidently sporting red velvet pants. I am so wearing my pair to the office on Friday!) What I'd really like to see would be Harris engaged in a dance-off with the effervescent Aloha Mischeaux (a true pop-star name if ever there was one). She took my favorite obscure Beyonce single, "Work It Out," and turned it into a funky Idol classic — despite the cheesy Casio instrumentation behind her.
no big response here, though i do find it fascinating that a guy wrote that article.

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