shout-out for my hip mom: as of this friday, she's having her first gallery show in davis (~1 hr. east of oakland). if you're into art collection, i suggest you move quickly - she got too expensive for me years ago. beautiful work, ma - i'm proud of you.

i'll be in town 9/7-9/13 for her reception, captain paul's birthday, and other northern california festivities. as my car has moved on to a better life with sister emily in san francisco, i'm not especially mobile, but i have big plans for mastering amtrak.

lest i make john mccain's mistake of criticizing something i haven't seen, i've been tuning in for the convention. i think it was rather mean of the organizers to tell the bush daughters they were presenting an MTV video music award rather than introducing their mother; one would assume they might have turned down the banter if, say, they grasped the purported gravity of the occasion. don't make me conclude that they thought it was appropriate to make light of their undergraduate stupidity and their papa's sniffing'n'chugging - no one wants that.

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