we're pleased to announce that kidchamp can once again take to the web from the comfort of my very own floor. on a more responsible note, the job search will pick up speed, as i can browse positions for which i am over- and (more frequently) underqualified at least forty-three times more regularly. party people put your hands in the air!

it seems that mike of satan's laundromat was arrested and jailed for disorderly conduct, aka photoblogging, at the manhattan critical mass rally on friday. though the group's san francisco chapter has annoyed me for a long time, i fail to understand why the po-po chose to get nasty at that event. i won't lie: if a passive-aggressive kid like me can feel like leaping on conservatives when they swarm my adopted town, i can totally understand why bloomberg would want to police the garden and big ticket fundraisers. that said, the city's excessive allowances for charter buses (two full lanes of several avenues are out of commission, and that's in areas nowhere near the convention) make protest-related blockages look like crumbs. bike riders aren't mujaheddin, you idiots.

stephen king's the stand (tv miniseries) (++1/2). i hate stephen king for scaring the shit out of me in grade school, for telling writers to go with the first descriptors that pop into their heads, for repeated use of Magical Black People - but i love molly ringwald, and watching her seek solace from crowded house's "don't dream it's over" felt like coming home. sarah and judd's building had a cameo in the superflu-ravaged restaurant intro scene, and i dug that as well. the rest was heavy on honky, light on spooky - better than playing solitaire for five hours, not quite superior to watching taxis meet their doom in the pothole outside our apartment.

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