unemployment mini-perks cont'd: the freedom to pick on cindy adams in mixed company. it's not especially productive to bag on gossip columnists, but the recalibration that follows a year of professional ass-kissing is a delicate process. great swings begin with little wiggles.

on the subject of snarky posts, i thumbed through the latest issue of zyzzyva in berkeley this afternoon. look, ma, i appeared in print by accident!
http://www.kidchamp.net/2003_06_01_archive.html: "6/28/03 - jay rubin translated the short story "kangaroo communique" for ZYZZYVA in the fall of '88 - probably the first time murakami appeared in english? i should give cranky editor howard junker et al. more credit.
today's fun facts, then, are that 1) howard junker (like santa claus) knows if you've been bad or good, 2) it's deeply weird to bump into yourself at the bookstore, and 3) i'd better write the best cover letter of all time if i expect to pop up as a poet in those pages.

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