silly me, forgetting that dozing on a flight gives plane gnomes the opportunity to pour pathogens in my ear. i now have a magnificent affliction involving painless but constant and sleep-thwarting coughs and, this morning, the sudden certainty that i was rotting from the inside out. that has gone away, thankfully, but the hacking continues. it's acutely annoying.

mom's show on friday was a rousing success - norm's turned wood pieces complemented her sculptures quite well, and she sold three that night. inspired by her industry, i finally finished the debbie harry needlepoint (soon to be uploaded here, i should think) and designed a johnny cash piece. he'll be more intricate (perle 5, 18 pt.) and will take a long time, but i'm pleased with what's coming out thus far. discovered a needlepoint shop on the upper east side that seems to be the antithesis of trendy knitting joints - it has a workroom in back where middle-aged ladies chat and make flowers and cottages. if i tire of listening to JC as i sew him, i'll head up there.

good news on the publication front - norm at hazmat tells me that two issues are at the printer and should be on their way to stores soon. though i've misplaced my submission notebook and can't quite remember what he accepted, i should pop up in both volumes. onward! upward! burt ward!

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