getting to know new york, chapter 837: the big museum-ish public library at bryant park, the one with the lions in ghostbusters, is not the place to get a card and check out books. you may already know this, but the security guard at bag check did not, for he sent me to the third floor anyway. i choose, you see, to think of him as uninformed rather than as mean and nasty.

chapter 838: the lending library (at 5th avenue and 40th street) has an intriguing collection of books on tape, but beware - most of the good ones are abridged. so the point of these chapters is that i spent a very long time acquiring three ethan frome cassettes with which to improve myself while sewing.

much easier to begin decorating for halloween. we now have toothy rubber bats named jenna and barbara, as well as purple "spooky lights" that give the windows a festive gay pride look.

costume ideas (ongoing):
- milli vanilli (joe volunteered to be the dead one)
- mary kay letourneau and vili fualauu (i volunteer joe to wear his blonde wig)

costume ideas that aren't quite as tasteless (also ongoing):

- medusa at a day spa
- undead nader campaigners

working on it.

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