so the avenue q presidential debate was a good stunt, and certainly a new low for my adventures in unemployment and/or mental health: yes, i took candy from a stranger and stood in drenching rain waiting for puppets no one could see. in spite of the umbrellas obstructing most of the stage, i saw john kerry's felt twin pull a large piece of vietnam shrapnel from his nonexistent leg. i would have liked to see a laura bush puppet eat a cabbage patch kid, but we can't have everything we want.

i've baked a pumpkin pie and made spinach dip for tonight's real debate-watching, but the true star of the evening is the disembodied mannequin butt-and-leg i found in the street. can't decide if it should have blue toenails and a yellow thigh-ribbon for the election or a fishnet and a skull-and-crossbones sock for halloween. luckily, it's excellent either way.

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