tick, tick. at the stage where old groceries need to go, so i've been mixing lowfat cookie dough ice cream with my coffee. it lacks the butter that made my past grocery-store-frosting-as-creamer experiments so miserable.

on alternatives, a flunk-bashing talk with my hair guy (named paul, natch) yielded a pleasant hour with allison goldfrapp, a pretty little cocteau twins / portishead (atmosphere and enunciation - yes!) hybrid. other paul also forgave me for styling myself with a venus razor, which i appreciate.

this using-up-groceries thing is complicating my plans to entertain val and grant tomorrow night. yeah, it's possible to make something out of tahini, green beans, and goat cheese, but involving someone else with the result would be awfully rude. the haphazard college thing got old a few years ago.

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