arizona, yes. i am lucky enough to be requested in several places, but boise, madison, and washington d.c. were beyond what the volkswagen could do in a few days, so here we are. big cheers to paul for taking us in on such short notice; hisses to southwest airlines for refusing to sell reasonable last-minute tickets. they will get me to idaho cheaply; they just don't know it yet.

the biblical storm that chased us from san francisco and tangled us in los angeles became something much more civil when it reached tucson; i started the day with rain chattering at the window and a friendly cat in my face, both good beginnings. paul destroyed me at chess with a tube of chapstick instead of a rook - less auspicious. the afternoon promises thrift stores and a possible leprechaun in the hood screening; wish you could join us.

the concept of babies with blogs doesn't unsettle me, but the fact that most of them update more regularly than i do is fairly humbling. that said, i hope emma marlowe takes the web by storm. congratulations and hugs, steve and amy!

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