for those of you who missed my debut as an eighteen-year-old jehovah's witness from toronto, the short version is that there was a template free-for-all on blogger's servers this morning. if it was a hack, it was beautiful; i'd like to think someone cared enough to build me a rainbow site with umpteen references to the matrix (joe misses the mutating hues - something like the horse of a different color from the wizard of oz - already). sadly, it was probably a coding glitch rather than a poisson d'avril.

on enjelani'n'jen's depression thread:

after seeing a made-for-television movie version of a person i actually know, i had a dream about being cast as myself in a biography. i was a horrible actress - missed all my marks, delivered dialogue as though it had been translated into russian and back, even flubbed my own facial expressions. when i woke up, i sent poems away to a man named napoleon and bought a handful of fizzy candy. take that, noonday demon.

via bellona times, the incomparable hello, tarot.

via the national cattlemen's beef association, real girls eat meat.

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