this morning was phase three of my peace officer examinations. the panel had less to do with cops and robbers than the aptitude tests did, but i'm slowly regaining my abilities to throw on a power suit and make inspirational comments about stress and teamwork. if they were impressed enough, i'll be 1) the super-duper jet setter who hops between coasts for a few weeks, or 2) sitting on my ass here for a month while joe parties in new york. silly, rigid schedule for patrol car ride-alongs. developments posted as they - develop.

on san xavier del bac, the misson we visited last week (see paul's comments) - i was tricked into that trip. as native americans of the southwest were my superquiz topic in (mumble, mumble) academic pentathlon one year, i hate missions - but joe and paul promised that it was spooky and decrepit. it's actually been restored and floodlit, and smoky candles are no more. bah! there was a wooden st. francis with a moderate layer of milagros (tennis elbow? pin a tiny metal arm to the saint's shroud), but he wasn't especially dramatic. i hope my roll of black-and-white film adds some chill to the whole undertaking.

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