recent movie rentals as cinquains:

harry potter and the chamber of secrets

less fun
than making dad
eat the product tie-in
(booger-flavored jelly beans - who
tests those?).

igby goes down

a strong
ensemble cast.
yet more proof that new york
makes everyone insane; how good
for me!

jackass: the movie

the guy
at blockbuster
(who hates me) was quite pleased
when we spent $4 on this.
he won.

the others

sixth sense
with better clothes,
more luxurious sets,
or the turn of the screw (bleh) +

spirited away

jen's right
(see her review
in the boise weekly) -
quirky, lyrical anime.
see it.

training day

hawke: one brown shirt,
every film. denzel:
pawn oscar (kinda undeserved),
buy spares.


a hit;
ending worthy of a
short story. ang lee, watch out for
snow globes.

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