stephin merritt rocks my pants - the show last night was magnificent, even though bimbo's has started charging $5 for a bottle of heineken. how does one do that with a straight face? lovely lo-fi renditions of "i'm lonely (and i love it)" and "good thing i don't have any feelings" - i like chris ewen's electro-tweaky EP versions, but my chances to see stephin with a ukelele are few and far between. the eternal youth material was strong; "the world is a disco ball" is becoming one of my favorite claudia gonson songs, and "i'm a vampire", already a cherished topic, had a well-placed daniel handler cameo. i bumped into him on the way out and got to deliver another of my Asinine Comments To Indie Luminaries. i try to remember that it's best to shut up around celebrities, but i'm still interested in besting the girl from my queer studies group who gave the cure's robert smith a first edition of alice in wonderland. it's probably impossible.

another fine link from lauren nyc: all consuming, a database of bloggers' reading lists and recommendations. when i get around to finishing this beckett book, i'll try to contribute an intelligent something.
Finally I [Lowenfels] burst out, "You sit there saying nothing while the world is going to pieces. What do you want? What do you want to do?

He [Beckett] crossed his long legs and drawled: "Walter, all I want to do is sit on my ass and fart and think of Dante."

(deirdre bair's beckett)

That's a circle of health.


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